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Helping Hands Philadelphia is a 501(C)3 Non-Profit organization focused on improving the overall standard of living in the communities of Philadelphia. Throughout the year, we are involved in a variety of events and programs aiming to bring positive opportunities for the residents of Philadelphia.


Helping Hands Philadelphia is dedicated to creating communities that are socially responsible. Community engagement is one of the pillars that maintains an active and sustainable neighborhood.


We are here to make people's lives better. "Better" means providing an opportunity for residents of Philadelphia to be able to have the choice to shape their own future. 


Currently, we are active in the Point Breeze neighborhood of South Philadelphia. This year we are expanding to the Kensington/Fishtown neighborhood.


We have a strong partnership with Streamline. Streamline is a top residential and commercial developer in Philadelphia. Most of the developments built are in the blighted neighborhoods of the city. Streamline continues to create newly constructed homes, positively changing the physical atmosphere in the communities.

Mission Statement

Philadelphia is on the rise. Neighborhoods that were once dilapidated are making positive transformations. Our mission is to create equal opportunities for residents to live in a place where they feel safe, comfortable, and most importantly, are capable of success. We want to make the lives of our residents better. Helping Hands is here to provide support to the communities of Philadelphia. Whether that support is hosting a fun way to bring the community together or provide funding to a family in need, we are here to help.

We are extremely lucky to have a partnership with Philadelphia’s top developer, Streamline. Streamline is transforming the once blighted neighborhoods, one beautiful property at a time. This process is revitalizing the city landscape, in turn, creating a more socially responsible community. We believe by using local businesses, community events, and educational programs, Helping Hands can continue this process of urban renewal.

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“I think it’s our obligation to be socially responsible and try to make sure that we’re giving back in the community that’s helping us grow our company.”
— Sean Schellenger, CEO Streamline
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